Monday, 17 July 2017

Bad Press

If you were trying to break into an industry, or raise your profile, what tactic would you employ? Perhaps you'd do something amazing, unusual or bizarre, to how you were different and special. Unfortunately, some people don't quite have that talent and therefore they troll and seek attention by upsetting the likes of us on social media. It's getting a bit predictable.

I'm not naming names, because I don't want to give them the bad publicity they're so clearly after, but some quarter-celebrities, or 'journalists' you've never heard of, will be posting some useless, poorly-written, badly-justified text right now, probably targeting a vulnerable community of people who will bite back (the allergy community being one of these, and of course, not protected by anti-discrimination laws like some other groups are).

Let's not respond by spraying their social media pages with facts. Clearly, we're more clued up than they are. We only make ourselves more of a target. Forget the nobody's name, remember they are desperate for attention (so don't give it) and work on what's important - sharing useful, correct, factual information; rallying together; spreading the facts like beautiful, intelligent confetti to fill our friends' feeds, instead of hateful, worthless ammunition that's placed there for media attention.

Over and out.

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